Digital performance management for lasting relationships

We believe that seeing your customers journey from their perspective, is not only essential to deliver a good digital experience, but the cornerstone that enables you to build long lasting relationships

What we do

  • End-user experience

    Embrace your end-users and position their expectations at the centre of your monitoring strategy to deliver market leading user experience.

    What do we do
  • Competence

    Accelerate your digital transformation with the knowledge and assistance from a passionately driven team of Oceaneers.

  • Cost-reduction

    Increase your organisations productivity by minimising troubleshooting time, and by having a proactive approach towards the quality of the end-user experience.

  • Technology

    Shape your decision-making by allowing decisions to be data driven, proving the relation between technology and customer satisfaction.

  • Insight

    Change your vantage point to an outside-in-view, and close the monitoring visibility gap for real-time insight into your organisations digital performance.


War rooms? - You don’t need them anymore. Dynatrace Application Monitoring detects and diagnoses problems in real time, drilling down to the offending code for lightning fast resolution. It automatically sees and analyzes every user transaction, all the time. It even integrates with CI/CD solutions to automatically check performance in your build pipeline, before you ever get to production. Kiss your war room goodbye. Go to

Dynatrace dashboardDynatrace dashboardDynatrace dashboardDynatrace dashboard
The quickest ROI I have ever achieved. It has caught on like wild fire.Senior IT Manager, Finance, Dec 16, 2015.

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